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Niraj Gera

Niraj Gera

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Hobbies: Photography, Traveling , Listening to Music

Niraj Gera, whose love for what lies in front of the camera led him to behind the camera, is a gifted talent who loves to travel, to places unknown and untouched ,and capture their inhabitants, their terrain and some lasting visions in visual frames. Known for his zeal to click 'slice of life', Niraj is a freelancer & versatile photographer who believes in making a picture speak a thousand words. He is outstanding at capturing the human emotions and as many of his client say, he doesnt just captures what is perceptible to the eye, he also captures the soul of the person & place. His clients & subjects vary from New Delhi to USA, from Rishikesh to Bangalore, Dharamshala to China, Varanasi to UK & so on. Whether its Fashion Photography or Street Photography, Glamour Photography or Travel Photography, Food Photography or Still Life Photography, Commercial Photography or Landscape Photography, Product Photography to Headshot Photography, Niraj adds richness to every click with his special touch. With an experience of 10 years in the field of photography, he still feels there's something new to pick up even today and his travels get him that inspiration.