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I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. I TAKEPHOTOGRAPHS OF FLOWERS AND CONVERT THEM IN TO MY PAINTINGS I have created a new technique called (FLOAT ON COLORS) .Using mix media on paper. I evolved a style of art that has minimal gap in feeling and expression. Rapidity and quickness of expression in my art comes from the well of inner spirituality. My art is not planned, thought-out and cerebral it is based on spontaneity. Abstract Expressionism is a wider term and my art follows it in variegated dimensions. My journey in art continued and I experiment with different painting instruments and techniques. My dependence on brushwork is rather limited. I frequently and freely use spatulas, wooden sticks, masking, and sand-mix, push bottles and what comes handy in the moment. I use acrylic with mix media. I have developed acrylic based glazes that were possible earlier only with oil paints. The glazes impart a charm similar to enamel glazes. My art journey finds depth and width in continuous experimentation, forays into the unknown and choosing challenging metaphors of expression. Where my art journey will take me next I leave to higher forces. I did an installation ( Wall of Divine Flowers) with twelve thousand paintings. Entire collection of 12000paintings donated to SMILE FOUNDATION, for girl child education. All images © Baljit Chadha All rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing without my permission is strictly prohibited. • CREATED A WORLD RECORD The exhibition with the most paintings of flowers in the world LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS-2014 This certificate is given by WORLD RECORD ASSOCIATION