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Rather than going on in detail about what has shaped me, or what motivates me, I'd really like to encourage you to just look at my photos and draw your own conclusions. However, if you're still reading, perhaps you're looking for a bit more than that. Here's the short version. I grew up in a small town in hoshiarpur n its streets; open space and quiet are definitely things that I can't get enough of. Strangely enough, I moved away from that and eventually landed in delhi and now in chandigarh, one is one of the world's most densely populated corners and one is india's one of the most beautiful cities, Overwhelmed by the strange and wonderful new world around me, I began to shoot photographs. Many thousands of photos later, I've noticed some striking patterns in my photos – here are some of them in no particular order. I like nature I like sun and the moon I like the ordinary I'm drawn to the familiar, and appreciate the subtle differences I'm drawn to the grossly different, unique and classy. i like wildlife.. I seem to like laying on the ground to take photos This website is by no means a complete archive of my photos; this is a small sampling of the photos that I've taken during my adventures, my travels and my everyday life. i hope u will like my work,thanks to all!